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I Can Only Imagine Unity of Faith

Several weeks ago I had a discussion with my son about gentile believers going to the synagogue to hear God’s Word so they can be a light for Yeshua.  His question was, “What would a small synagogue of 50 think of 1000s upon 1000s of Christians standing outside asking to hear God’s Word?  Wouldn’t they want to know why?  Wouldn’t that be a great opportunity to share Yeshua with his brothers and sisters?”  What a thought!  Our denominational ideologies have not only divided us from each other, but our churches keep us out of the very place God-fearers used to go: the synagogue.  

Today I woke up with the song, “I Can Only Imagine” going through my head.  I thought of the conversation with my son and ‘changed’ the words to show what ‘unity of faith and actions’ could accomplish in this world.  

Imagine Unity of Faith

I can only imagine what it could be like if all who have been called out of darkness into light would gather together at a Passover seder centered on the Light.

I can only imagine what it could be like if all who have been set free from sin and death would throw out the lump of leaven and learn the Truth from the Sinless One. 

I can only imagine what it could be like if  all who cry out,  ‘He is Risen’ would wave a Firstfruits offering to their risen High Priest.

I can only imagine what it could be like if all those who speak in tongues would seek the Spirit of Truth and declare Yeshua to the nations.

I can only imagine what it could be like if all who blissfully preach being removed from this earth would blow a shofar with their Savior’s family and invite him to return to this earth.

I can only imagine what it could be like if those who judged Israel and the Jewish people for killing their Savior prayed for Israel’s national atonement so that all Israel would be saved.

I can only imagine what it could be like if all those who believed they are part of a temple built of living stones would live in a temporary dwelling for eight days to proclaim the coming Temple of King Yeshua.

I can only imagine what it would be like if every God-fearer who called on the name of the LORD gathered outside their community synagogue on the Sabbath day wanting to hear the teachings and commandments of the LORD that come not from Rome or the Vatican, but from Mt. Tzion and Jerusalem.     

I believe Yeshua’s brothers and sisters would ask about salvation, the Father would hear the shofars, the earth would shake and the dead would rise from their graves, there would be a Passover like none before and Hebrew would become the common language.

But, I can only imagine because seders and lumps of leaven been replaced with a Friday called ‘good’.  Firstfruits have been traded for Istar’s pork roast.  Tongues have turned the nations into people possessed with familiar spirits. Shofars aren’t found in churches, Israel remains lost and boycotted, and the promised Kingdom that everyone hopes for lingers longer. 

I can only imagine what it will be like when the High Priest rules and reigns from Jerusalem with his royal priesthood, when all nations come to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles and every man will invite his neighbor to sit under his own vine and fig tree,  when the Bridegroom sits with His Bride at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb with countless guests from every nation, tribe and tongue,  when the Sabbath is eternal and Yahweh dwells with mankind forever in the New Jerusalem.

©April 2016 Tent Stake Ministries