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For Guidance in Illness

Father, El Rafael, the heavenly Physician and Healer,

I come before You on this bed of pain, to implore the blessing of Your healing power and forgiving love.  May Your Spirit, Ruach, strengthen me with patience so that I do not murmur or complain, but realize that as Your child I can find Your goodness even in life’s sorrows.  Grant that this illness may draw me closer to You, who heals all diseases!  Help me, if it is your will.  Bless the efforts of the physicians and nurses and guide all who may attend to my care.  Whatever the future may bring, let me realize that through Your mercy I am Your dear child, and that in life as in death I am Yours forever, since no man can pluck me out of Your hand!  Yeshua, on the cross you suffered far more than I can ever endure; keep me in remembrance of Your agony and let the imprint of the soul torture You endured for my sake be the seal and assurance of your continued compassion.  Bring me every closer to you, who died on the cross that I might live eternally, through faith in the power of your blood-bought redemption and your triumphant resurrection.  Omein.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950