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For Submission in Prayer

Yahweh Father who has promised to hear our prayers,

May I always learn from Yeshua to plead submissively, in Your Name and according to Your gracious will.  In the torment of Yeshua’s soul as he bore the torture of all human transgressions and suffered as my Redeemer in removing my sins, he begged that the cup of sorrows might be taken from him; yet I hear him also saying, “Nevertheless not as I will, but as You will, Father.”  Give me the patient, complete reliance on Your answer to my intercession which trusts You fully.  Make me ready to continue in prayer until in Your good time You grant my request.  Whenever I become weary, and it seems that Your answer has been delayed too long, hold before my doubting mind Your repeated pledge to hear my petition, and refresh me with with the realization that Your hour of response is always at the best and most blessed time.  May I learn from Yeshua to know how good and gracious Your divine will always is.  I ask for the power of Your Spirit, Ruach, to help me submit to Your will and timing in my prayer, in Your name,  by Your promises, Omein.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950