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For Contrition and Courage

Heavenly Father, Abba of Messiah, our blessed Redeemer and perfect Ransom,


With bowed head and contrite heart, I approach Your mercy to confess my thanklessness for Yeshua’s atoning sorrows and death, to acknowledge that too often I have been ashamed of You, whose grace never as ashamed of me.  Forgive me, and by the mercy of Messiah’s blood shed on the cross, blot out the guilt and graciously behold the unbelieving, the scoffing, the selfish, the carnally secure, and bring them, as me to repentance and faith in Your all-embracing redemption.  Fortify the faith of Your redeemed worshippers, who, trusting in You,  are still weak and inconsistent, often lonely and disheartened.  Encourage them to cling to You for immovable support in their wavering hours, for Your companionship on their solitary paths, for the victory of faith over the onslaughts of doubt and distrust!  Hear my prayer, bless me and prepare me for my part in Your Kingdom, for Your Name’s sake, in fulfillment of Your holy promise.  In the name of Messiah, Omein.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950