Intermediate class is directed towards  12-15 year olds.  If you would like to send me completed work for review, the cost is $120 for each 12-week semester paid through Paypal 

If you would like to use the assignments without my review, the cost is $60.00 each 12-week semester. 

All classes must be pre-paid before receiving the password for class assignments.

I have home-educated my four children who are all now successful adults and competent writers.  I have a B.A. in English from Millersville University in Pennsylvania and maintain this blog site.

The first semester will be assignments that enhance good writing skills  which include developing word choices whether it’s adjectives, adverbs or using passive or active verbs.   It will also include learning about pitfalls that inhibit good writing such as run-on and dangling sentences as well as misplaced modifiers.   There will be writing assignments using dialect, onomatopoeia, and alliteration to bring out the creativity of the writer.   Several of the assignments will be given to other students/partners to evaluate so that the writer and readers can see their pieces from a different perspective.

The second semester begins the focus on writing longer and more in-depth assignments that include fiction (plot, character development, setting, conflict and conflict resolution), poetry, writing in action (letters, speeches, reviews, commercials, greeting cards).   It is during this semester that writers will be challenged to submit papers that have been revised numerous times and proofread in order to present their most perfect work.   The final assignments of these writings will be graded by a rubric.

Intermediate Semester 1 Syllabus

Intermediate Semester 2 Syllabus

Certificate of Completion

At the end of each class semester, I will send a PDF file with the student’s name on a Certificate of Completion that can be printed out and given to the student as a reward for their accomplishment and as proof of completion of the course for your records.

Computer Saavy

This class requires a computer with access to the internet as well as the child’s (or parent’s)  knowledge of the computer: typing skills, creating documents, saving them and sending them through email.  Some assignments may be posted on a private blog site or even with a private youtube account (speeches) so it is important that a student also understands how the internet functions.


Twelve weekly assignments per semester will be found on the blog site.   The instructions will outline the week’s assignments that need to be completed and sent to me by Thursday for review.  There are no Friday classes.

I do not grade daily writing exercises because I believe that creativity is quenched when a child wonders if they are passing or failing.   A child who actually puts words on a paper from their imagination is already a success in my mind.  However, I will make corrections in grammar, spelling, and offer suggestions on how to better express a phrase or statement.  Depending on the assignment, I will either have them send back a revised paper or put into practice the new concepts on the next one.

I use several different resources for my classes as well as my own ideas.  Writing for 100 Days and Fairview’s Guide to Composition and Writing by Gabriel Arquilevich are the main two books I use for the advanced classes.  I also use “Create-A-Story” by Cranbrook Software as my outline for the beginning and intermediate classes as they are developed.   Along with these materials, whenever possible, I try to include  literature assignments that exemplify the writing assignments so the student can see ‘writing in action.‘