“I have heard your prayer …” (2 Chronicles 7:12).

Prayer is the greatest give we can give to anyone or for any endeavor. Prayer is eternal. Just think of the prayers of Moses, Daniel, Hannah, Isaiah, and Yeshua! It is faith that spurs one to prayer action, which brings one to the threshold of eternity in the bond of unity with the Eternal God Himself!

Your prayers are not thrown away … those requests and longings, those thoughts and whispers or tears in the night … when you are unable to sleep: they are the very essence of communion with your Messiah. He is just that close. Believe it and act upon it and above all guard your heart from discouragement, which is like anemia of the soul. It has the power to take the very life out of us and render us disengaged and careless. Like the tiny broken cog in a finely made watch, our timings will be all wrong.

These are prayers that are found in Scripture, in the Koren Siddur (the Jewish prayer book I bought in Jerusalem with commentary by Josephs Sacks) or other sources that will encourage a prayer relationship with the LORD.

One of the sources is a prayer book my mother gave me before she passed away.   It was written by Walter A. Maier, Ph.D., DD., LL.D. and is from his radio show “Bringing Christ to the Nations, the International Lutheran Hour” published by Concordia Theological Seminary in the 1950’s.  As I no longer consider myself part of the Protestant, Lutheran tradition, I have taken the prayers and changed them to reflect the faith walk I have today as a Messianic believer in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua.  Even so, I am grateful for my mother’s walk of faith and that she took me to church where I gained my foundation in Jesus and the Bible.

It will be noted with the copyright whether the prayer came from the Siddur, the Scriptures or Concordia.  If the prayer comes from the Siddur,  I will also include the transliterated Hebrew.