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Satan – The Adversary

Though the Hebrew word satan is a verb, it has become personified as the Adversary, the one who brought sin into the world and ultimately, in the end, the wrath of Elohim against that sin. Satan was used by Elohim to test Job as his modem of operation is to actively encourage the righteous to disobey the Word/Commands of Elohim.

This is why he tested Yeshua, the only righteous one who could remove the wrath of sin from those in the world who would choose to put their faith in him.

Satan, according to witches who worship him, appears as a normal man with blonde hair.

Behemoth – Chaos

“All forest creatures are mine already, as are the animals [behemot] on a thousand hills …” (Psalm 50:10).

The word behemoth is the plural of behemah referring to a beast of burden. Behemoth is first among the works of yod hey vav hey on the sixth day of creation and only He can approach the animal with His sword. The physical description of Behemoth, like Leviathan, is given to Job by Elohim (Job 40:15-24). Some consider this animal to physically be a hippopotamus or an Egyptian water buffalo as it eats grass like an ox, has strength in its loins, and power in its abdominal muscles. The muscles in its thighs are like cables, its bones are like bronze, and its limbs are like iron. He can stiffen his tail like a cedar.

From a spiritual perspective, Behemoth is a beast. The mountains produce food for it which suggests that it nourishes itself from the power hungry nations of the world. It is compared to bronze and iron like the nations shown to Daniel in Babylon. It seems only Yeshua can approach the beast because he alone is the Word of God.

Behemoth lies down under thorns and is hidden by reeds in the swamp. Because this beast is thought to have Egypt as its origin, an allusion to Moshe being hidden in the swamp of Egypt in a reed basket could be made. Even Yeshua, who wore a crown of thorns was held in secret in the ‘swamp of Egypt’ in order to be protected from Herod.

Lotus bushes shade the beast and willows by the stream surround it. During the dry season in the Jordan valley, water levels in ponds and streams drop until the dry ground cracks. Lotus seeds and roots remain dormant in the dry ground. When the spring rains come, the lotus puts down its roots in the mud. The leaves and flowers soon appear growing out of the water showing that life that endures in spite of adversity.

Though the obvious is that Yeshua was put into the dry earth only to raise from the dead bringing forth eternal life, there could be another allusion to the nation of Isra’el. The people of Elohim have endured much adversity in their history from Noach to today. They have had times of refreshing spring rains to challenges of war, captivity, and assimilation. From being enslaved by the Egyptians to the more recent Holocaust, like the lotus, they continue living as a nation of people until this very day.

Psalm 137:1-3 describes the Jewish exile to Babylon where they hung their lyres on willow trees when those who had taken them captive demanded them to be joyful. This beast is surrounded by and made to remember that, no matter what happens to them, the nation of Isra’el will survive – as there is a judgment coming for Behemoth.

He doesn’t worry if the river overflows, he has confidence even if the Jordan rushes by his mouth (Job 40:23).

The Jordan River had to be crossed to enter the Promised Land. It seems that Behemoth hangs out in the desert west of the Jordan. The Hebrew word for ‘river’ in this verse is vadi and is a dry stream or river bed in the desert that fills with water when there is excessive rain. In Hebrew the word ‘overflowing,’ is ashaq and means ‘to oppress.’ The verse could be more accurately translated, “Behemoth doesn’t worry if he is oppressed, he is [so large and] able to drink a river, even if the Jordan gushes into his mouth.”

“How long must the land mourn and the grass in all the fields wither? The wild animals [behemot] and birds are consumed because of the wickedness of those who live there; for they say, “He will not see how we end up” (Jeremiah 12:4).

The books of Edras and Enoch give more description to the creation of Behemoth and Leviathan. While Leviathan was given the Abyss, the watery dark regions of the earth, Behemoth was given the dried up parts of the earth, the desert.

“Then you kept in existence two living creatures; the name of one you called Behemoth and the name of the other Leviathan. And you separated one from the other, for the seventh part where the water had been gathered together could not hold them both. And you gave Behemoth one of the parts which had been dried up on the third day, to live in it, where there are a thousand mountains; but to Leviathan you have the seventh part, the watery part; and you have kept them to be eaten by whom you wish, and when you wish” (4 Edras 6:49-52).

“And that day [of judgment] will two monsters be parted, one monster, a female named Leviathan in order to dwell in the abyss of the ocean over the fountains of water; and (the other), a male called Behemoth, which holds his chest in an invisible desert whose name is Dundayin, east of the garden of Eden” (1 Enoch 60:7-8).

Hebrew Word Pictures

Behemoth – בהמות

Bet is a picture of a ‘house’ and means ‘family’

Hey is a picture of a ‘window’ and means ‘reveal.’

Mem is a picture of ‘water’ and means ‘chaos’ or ‘mighty.’

Vav is a picture of a ‘nail’ and means ‘binding.’

Tav is a picture of a ‘cross’ and means ‘sign.’

Behemoth is a family revealing chaos bound as a sign.

Behemoth is a sign for the final judgment and the binding of chaos. Because Leviathan is split in half, its other half will receive the same judgment. Behemoth will have its ‘heads’ crused and be given as food to the creatures of the desert.

“By your strength you split the sea in two, in the water you smashed sea monsters’ heads, you crushed the heads of Livyatan
and gave it as food to the creatures of the desert”
(Psalm 74:13-14).

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Leviathan – The Dragon

“And war broke out in heaven, Michael and his angels making war against the dragon. The dragon and his angels fought, but they were not strong enough, and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down—the ancient serpent, called the devil and satan, who deceives the whole world. He was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him” (Revelation 12:7-9).

From the passages in Revelation, the great Dragon was thrown down to earth after a war in the heavenly realm and will deceive the whole world.

Leviathan is called a ‘serpent in the sea,’ a Dragon. In Scripture, the ‘sea’ symbolizes nations and peoples. According to Psalm 104, it seems that Leviathan frolics in this sea of humanity.

“There, ships go to and fro. Leviathan—You formed to frolic there” (Psalm 104:26).

This ‘sea’ creature has many heads according to Psalm 74. Taken literally, the Dragon is multi-headed, but symbolically this suggests that Leviathan controls nations. According to Revelation chapter 12, he has made covenants with seven kings and the nations that rise up from those kings.

“Another sign was seen in heaven there was a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven royal crowns” (Revelation 12:3).

In the book of Job, an entire chapter describes Leviathan who terrorizes all ‘beasts’ and is ‘king over all the sons of pride.’ He is so powerful that he cannot humanly be overcome. His desire is to have servants in covenant with him forever. When the Dragon arises, the mighty are afraid. To battle with him is foolish and the battle will always be remembered. No spear or javelin affects him. Iron is as straw, bronze as rotting wood. No arrow make will make him flee. Stones are like chaff blown away in the wind.

Physically he is described as impenetrable, having an outer garment of double armor. He has fearsome teeth and his rows of scales are his pride. He sneezes fire and has black shokor eyelids. His mouth shoots out flames, and his breath sets coals on fire. From his mouth come fiery darts (Ephesians 6:16). Smoke pours from his nostrils like a pot burning reeds. His neck is strong, his flesh is folded and immovable, his heart is hard as a rock, hard as a millstone. His underside is like earth that leaves a trail in the mud. He leaves a shining wake behind him giving him the appearance of white hair.

The Dragon’s heart is like stone, like the bottom part of the millstone. Whenever there is a mention of a millstone of judgment, it can be likened to the destruction of a child’s spiritual inheritance. Yeshua warns those of ensnare a child away from faith in him that their judgment will be worse than being tossed into the sea with a millstone around their neck (Matthew 18:6).

This creature, the Dragon, will be punished for his spiritual pride and deception. Those who have ‘made a covenant’ with him will be crushed. The prophet Isaiah referring to the Day of Adonai, Leviathan, prophesies that the Dragon will be killed in the ‘sea.’

You crushed the heads of Leviathan, giving him as food to the desert dwellers” (Psalm 74:14).

“In that day Adonai will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent with His fierce, great, strong sword, Leviathan the twisted serpent! He will slay the dragon in the sea” (Isaiah 27:1).

Leviathan is an ancient demonic force of darkness and chaos whose main realm of influence is spiritual pride and deception. His female counterpart is Lilith.

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Lilith – Night Monster

In Genesis 2, Elohim creates a wife for Adam by putting him into a deep sleep and removing a part of his flesh. When he wakes up, he sees that Chaya is ‘bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.’ He recognizes her; she is a suitable helper.

The legend of Lilith is believed to be found in the creation account of Genesis. According to Genesis 1:26-27, Elohim creates man and woman together: “So God created mankind in the divine image, male and female God created them.” According to Jewish mythology, this created being was androgynous, male and female together. Elohim then split them into two parts which lead to the idea of ‘soul mates.’

The person of Lilith is believed to be a Sumerian vampire, Lillu, or a Mesopotamian female night demon, Lilin. The full account of Lilith and Adam was written by Ben Sira from antiquities. In summary, Lilith is an assertive wife who fought with her husband all the time. She rebelled against her husband and was banished to the desert. She was replaced by Chaya and then became the killer of newborn babies during the night.

Lilith became known as a beautiful woman who seduces men in their sleep and births demon children. She is called by some as the Queen of Demons. The prophet Isaiah mentions Lilith and calls her a night monster.

“Wildcats and hyenas will meet there; and billy-goats call to each other; Lilit [the night monster] will lurk there and find herself a place to rest” (Isaiah 34:14).

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