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Banners from Biblical Holidays

Using “A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays” by Robin Scarlata & Linda Pierce, I made my first banner – “Ruach/Spirit”.  I tried all of their ideas for crafts and then created my own banners.

Imprimis – Current Events

Read the Imprimis (their monthly free publication) that discusses the course.

Hillsdale College Constitution Class

Constitution 101 and 102 through Hillsdale College is a free online course that teaches the history of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.  It explores the views of the Founding Fathers through the moral and political changes (from a Constitutional Republic to Lincoln’s Divided Nation to Progressive Liberalism) that have occurred bringing the country to the place of decision today.  It includes online lectures from different professors at the college, study guides and tests to help develop a deeper understanding of the foundation of our country.

Celebrating Our Messiah in the Festivals

Celebrating Our Messiah in the Festivals by Eagle’s Nest Publications.  Celebrating Our Messiah in the Festivals has 688 pages packed with everything your family or congregation needs for years of celebrating the Biblical Feasts.  Discover how God’s yearly appointed times show His plan of salvation from creation to the second coming of the Messiah (Jesus Christ).



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