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Luke 21:19 – Daily Bible Verse

January 14, 2021

“By standing firm you will save your lives.”

‘Stand firm’ in Greek is hupomoné and means ‘to patiently endure’ or ‘remain behind.’

In Hebrew ‘patient’ is סבלנות or savlanoot and means ‘pain and suffering.’

‘Save’ in Greek is ktaomai and means ‘to aquire,’ ‘obtain,’ or ‘possess.’

‘Save in Hebrew is ישע or yasha and is from where the name Yeshua, the Hebrew name for ‘Jesus’ comes.

‘Life’ in Greek is psuché and means ‘the vital breath of life,’ the ‘human soul.’

‘Life’ in Hebrew is חי or chai.

‘Soul’ in Hebrew is נקש or nephesh and means ‘a living being with desires, passions, and emotions.’

“By remaining behind, patiently suffering, you will obtain Yeshua, the vital breath of life, the salvation of your own life soul.”

Two other verses come to mind when reading the words of Yeshua in Luke.

“Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered” (Hebrews 5:8).

“This is when perseverance is needed on the part of God’s people, those who observe his commands and exercise Yeshua’s faithfulness” (Revelation 14:12).

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Micah 6:8 – Daily Bible Verse

January 4, 2021

“Human being, you have already been told what is good, what Adonai demands of you — no more than to act justly, love grace and walk in purity with your God.”

The Hebrew for ‘human being’ is אדום or adam, the name of the first human being. It is used for ‘humanity.’ This word also is ‘red earth.’

“You have already been told” is the Hebrew word נגד or nagad and means ‘shown,’ ‘declare,’ or ‘be conspicuous.’

‘Good’ in Hebrew is טוב or tov and means ‘pleasant,’ and ‘agreeable.’

Adonai is Yahweh or the yod hey vav hey.

The Hebrew word for ‘demands’ is דרש or darash and means ‘to seek’ or ‘to resort.’

‘Justly’ in Hebrew is משפט or mishpat and means ‘judgment.’ It also means ‘deserving,’ ‘properly,’ and ‘the way prescribed as right.’

‘To love mercy’ is ahavat chesed or אהבת חסד in Hebrew. ‘Love’ is absolute and covers ‘love’ of man toward God, man to man, man to woman, to yourself, to your neighbor, and a love for Jerusalem. ‘Mercy’ is favor, kindness, and goodness. These are fruits of the Spirit that are expressed between humans.

The Hebrew word for ‘walk’ is הלך or halacha which is used to describe the way one walks out the commands of Yahweh. It also means ‘to go’ and ‘to come’ suggesting that whether you are coming or going in your life, your halacha should show forth evidence of Yahweh.

The Hebrew word for ‘purity’ found in this verse is צנע or tzana and means ‘to be modest,’ ‘reserved,’ or ‘humbly.’ There are two Hebrew words for ‘purity,’ zaku and barar and they are not used in this verse.

‘Your God’ is אלהים or Elohim and in this verse refers not to other ‘gods’ or one’s own personal idea of ‘god,’ but the God called Yahweh. The word ‘your’ is singular not plural as is always the case when referring to the God of Isra’el.

“Mankind, inclusive of men and women, it has been declared to you about what is pleasant and agreeable, what Yahweh seeks you to do – you must live the way that is prescribed as right, expressing the Spirit’s fruits of kindness and goodness, and to come and go in a reserved, modest manner before Yahweh who is your Elohim.”

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The ‘Face’ of God

“The face of the earth will shake at My presence …” (Ezekiel 38:20).

This past Shabbat we had a Bible study with several people on the ‘face’ of Elohim and meeting Him ‘face to face.’ Moshe spoke ‘face to face’ with yod hey vav hey like no other man before him. His face glowed with the glory of having stood in the Divine Presence. Scripture says there has never been another prophet like Moshe who spoke with Adonai ‘face to face.’

For other people like the patriarch Jacob, the judge Gideon, and the praying woman Hannah, the divine presence came to them as a pre-flesh Yeshua, the ‘angel of Elohim.’ Each time the spiritual realm entered the physical, there was fear. This fear was not an immediate ‘reverent fear,’ but a real terror of what was happening in their presence. Once they understood Adonai came to them for some purpose, their fear changed to awe. We discussed how ‘fearful’ it must be when the spiritual realm enters the physical, especially the divine spiritual. At the conclusion of the study, my younger son suggested we should study ‘why the Creator of the Universe desires to be in our presence.’

Later in the evening, I asked this question of my older son and his wife. I told them to respond with the first thing that came to their minds. My daughter-in-law said that God is our Creator and He created us to be in His presence. Good answer.

My son is a lot like me. He likes to discourse. He started by talking about ‘other gods’ and how they like to manipulate humanity. They like to ‘play’ with humans or force them to sacrifice their children to appease their anger or fill their appetite for proving their power. He continued by saying that God didn’t create humanity to be His servants as He already has servants in the angels. They do his will without question. He created humanity differently. He wanted men and women to have a choice to serve him out of love because He wanted relationship. He concluded with, “He wants a FRIEND!”

At the moment my son said, “He wants a FRIEND!” there was a huge thud in our house. At first I thought someone dropped something very large upstairs, but then there was another thud and the house started shaking. Earthquake! For about 6-8 seconds everything shook and rattled in our little suite: mirrors, doors, and the objects on the dresser. My son and daughter-in-law were on Facetime so they were watching everything shaking and us looking around and saying, “This is an earthquake!”

When the shaking and rattling stopped, I looked at my son and said, “Apparently, God wanted us to know He wants a friend! And He made Himself known with an earthquake!” Amen.

According to my earthquake app, at the exact moment my son finished his statement, the small town of Cooper Landing where I live in Alaska had a 3.5 earthquake. We were about 7 miles from the epicenter and it was only 12 miles deep which is shallow or just the ‘face of the earth.’

The Hebrew word for ‘shake’ is רעש ra’ash’ and means to ‘quake or tremble.’ That is pretty straight forward. An earth’quake’ trembles the earth. The Hebrew word for ‘presence’ in this verse is פנים or panim, the very word for ‘face’ we had discussed in our study. When used in reference to God, it means to see Him, know Him, and hear from Him.

We did.

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Shavua Tov

May everyone have a blessed week in the LORD. May you plants seeds for His Kingdom and bring hope to this lost and dying world.


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