Gratitude for God’s Word

God of Israel, my strength and refuge:

I thank you that in this world of change and decay, when pleasure and pain, rejoicing and remorse interchange abruptly, You have given me an immovable basis for my faith and life in Your Word, which tells that you never change.  Forgive the sins and blindness that have tempted me to find other foundations for my life or have left me cold and indifferent to the marvelous mercy contained in Your Word.  Rather open our eyes to the treasury of divine truth preserved in Your Word and let the message of salvation of my ever-living Redeemer become and remain my greatest glory.  As I praise You for helping me show my gratitude for Your Word by spreading its lessons of love so that through Your Spirit, Ruach, the careless sinner may be called to repentance and faith, the sorrowing be comforted, the tempted be strengthened.  To this end, be with all who bring the Bread of Life to the nations, Your servants who serve You in sincerity and Truth.  Grant all, both those in the gloom and despondency and the flush of carnal confidence, the faith to believe Your Word – especially the promise of salvation through Messiah, Yeshua.  Omen.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950

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