For a Prayer-Filled Heart

Father, whose Spirit strengthens me,

I confess that too often I fail to realize ‘what a privilege it is to carry everything to God in prayer.”  I also admit that too frequently I am impatient, demanding an immediate answer.  Therefore, I ask you not to charge these sins against me, but through Messiah, who removed the handwriting against me, forgive me!  I know that You hear my prayers and I find both on the pages of Scriptures and in the records of history almost endless evidence that You have answered the cries of Your children.  Deepen my prayer life and so that I have a prayer-filled heart.  I trust the promises of Your Son, Yeshua, who has told me that You would incline your hear to hear me.  Faithful Father, look mercifully upon me in Yeshua’s name and answer my petitions.  Relying on Messiah, who as my substitute offering suffered the guilt and curse for all my shortcomings, I plead for pardon and the power to lead a consecrated and holy life.  I ask this and whatever else my soul needs, in my Redeemers name, since he died to restore me to You.   For his sake, her me and help me.  Omein.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950

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