July 23, 2015 – Prophetic Voices

If a prophet or someone who gets messages while dreaming arises among you and he gives you a sign or wonder, and the sign or wonder comes about as he predicted when he said, ‘Let’s follow other gods, which you have not known; and let us serve them,’ you are not to listen to what that prophet or dreamer says. For Adonai your God is testing you, in order to find out whether you really do love Adonai your God with all your heart and being.  You are to follow Adonai your God, fear him, obey his mitzvot (commandments), listen to what he says, serve him and cling to him; and that prophet or dreamer is to be put to death; because he urged rebellion against Adonai your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you from a life of slavery; in order to seduce you away from the path Adonai your God ordered you to follow” (Deuteronomy 13:1-10). 

As we see the day of the LORD (YHVH) approaching and we hear prophecies or read news articles about wars, earthquakes and,  famines, we cannot forget that Yeshua used these same events to describe the days before he returned.  Modern-day prophets are usually only repeating what is in Scripture and whether or not their specifics are true, we should only put our faith and hope in God.  

Recently someone shared with me a prophetic video about the future of the United States.  When prophecies are given, if there is anything in them that could be a ‘word from the Lord’, we should first seek the Scriptures to see what, if anything, lines up with God’s Word.   Prophecies about end times or last days tend to be dramatic with earthquakes, tsunamis, and now even nuclear war killing millions of people throughout the world.   Droughts, famine and floods bring destruction to the earth as we know it.  These types of prophecies can and may and do resemble events in Revelation, but we have to discern whether or not these ‘words’ are of ‘dreamers’ or are something we should consider as having value in today’s world.    With all prophecies, we should remember that God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).  If any prophecy brings fear, it is either not from God or we are not exercising the power of our faith, understanding the love of God or using the transformed minds given to us by God’s Spirit. 

We must learn to ‘listen’ for the voice of God to direct our paths whether or not there is a prophecy of doom and gloom or hope and restoration.  Prophecies should not bring us to the point of wanting or needing to hear God’s voice because that should be our daily walk if we ‘walk in the Spirit’  – ‘Give me ears to hear Your voice.’  However, God may use prophecies to get our attention so we will begin to seek to  ‘listen’ to His voice. 

One example of  God’s voice is in 1 Kings 19:11-13 after Elijah deals with the false prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel.  Jezebel, the Queen and wife of King Ahab,  hears that Elijah not only humiliated her gods, but had killed her prophets.  She vows to kill Elijah immediately.  In fear, he runs to the desert and hides in a cave.  Then, the word of the LORD speaks to him:  

“He [Yeshua] said, “Go outside, and stand on the mountain before the LORD (YHVH)”; and right then and there, the LORD (YHVH)  went past.  A mighty blast of wind tore the mountains apart and broke the rocks in pieces before Adonai (the LORD), but Adonai was not in the wind. After the wind came an earthquake, but Adonai was not in the earthquake.   After the earthquake, fire broke out; but Adonai was not in the fire. And after the fire came a quiet, subdued voice.   When Eliyahu (Elijah)  heard it, he covered his face with his cloak, stepped out and stood at the entrance to the cave. Then a voice came to him and said, “What are you doing here, Eliyahu?” (1 Kings 19:11-13).

A mighty wind came and tore the mountains apart and broke rocks.  What an event for someone in a cave.  Then, an earthquake followed and Elijah still remained in the cave.  Even after the fire, Elijah didn’t come out to ‘hear’ the voice of the LORD because God’s voice wasn’t in those physical events.  They only got Elijah’s attention.    It was the quiet, subdued voice that followed which brought Elijah out of the darkness of the cave in which he tried to protect himself by hiding.    

Elijah, though a great prophet, was still only a man.  He feared Jezebel enough to run away AFTER witnessing the God of Israel come down by fire and consume an offering drenched with water.  Witnessing the power of God on that mountain was not enough for Elijah to trust God with his life?!   It was only when he heard the still small voice that he came out of the cave and continued on with what God commanded him to do. 

‘Listening’ for the voice of God isn’t easy.  I’m still learning how to do it and fine tune my ears.  When I was home schooling my children, I told them in our Bible and prayer time that we needed to be quiet.   We needed to believe that God would speak to us quietly in our hearts through His Word.  Then each of us would quietly pray for where God would want us to read Scripture for that day.  Then, we would each open our Bibles and share what we were reading.  We began to see and hear that each day He took us to a place in the Word that was unique to each person.  We began learning to ‘listen’ by reading the Word and believing that whatever we were given had a purpose for that day.   Over the years each of my children have shared with me times when they ‘heard’ a voice tell them to do something that made no sense, but when they ‘listened’  the reason became obvious later that day – someone needed their bag of pennies or they were delayed unexpectedly and were glad they had that extra lunch.

When we went to Israel, a good friend told us to not fill our days with too much ‘stuff’  because God speaks in the Land and opens doors.  She said we would want the ‘time’ when those things happened.    We ‘listened’ to her advice.  Numerous times we had opportunities to be blessed, give to the poor, pick up hitchhikers, share Yeshua,  and even dance to show our joy in our King.  Several of those ‘times’, my husband and I ‘heard’ the voice at the same time and would look at each other and say, “Did you hear that?”

Another way I’ve learned to fine tune my ‘listening’ is to ask.  When I wake up each morning and ask, “What are you going to have me do today?”  Or, “What’s Your plan for the day?”.  I’m never disappointed because I expect an answer and  I look to find His presence in everything that transpires ‘differently’ on that day.  

I have visited with people from different countries because He opened my ears to hear French or Portuguese or Hebrew.   One day in the grocery store an older woman and I had a bad ‘first encounter’.  We kept seeing each other and trying to ‘get it right’.  When we finally did, she gave me a recipe for natural mosquito repellent.  So what, you ask.    Only a few days before I had prayed for God to give me advice on a natural mosquito repellent because I don’t like to spray stuff on my skin and, I am heading to mosquito-infested Alaska.  This one was perfect because I actually had everything I needed already at home.  He answered my prayer because I ‘listened’ to that voice that kept taking me back to this woman.

Yeshua said “My sheep listen to my voice, I recognize them, they follow me…” John 10:27.

During hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, and floods, we need to ‘listen’ to the still, small voice of God for direction.  We need to ‘listen’ as a sheep would to its Shepherd as he takes us from  hiding in fear, out of the danger zone and into the ‘green pastures’.    We need to learn to be a good sheep.  We need to ‘listen’ to the Good Shepherd.  We need to trust in his words.  We need to obey his voice whether it’s something written in the Scriptures or it’s something that comes through His still, small voice.  ‘Listening’ has its benefits and especially listening to the written commandments is a great place to begin.  

Then Jeremiah said to the officials and all the people, “The LORD sent me to prophesy against this house and against this city all the words you have heard.  Therefore now, improve your ways and your doings; and listen to the voice of Adonai your God; then Adonai will relent from the disaster he has decreed against you.

He said, “If you will listen intently to the voice of the LORD your God, do what he considers right, pay attention to his commandments and observe his laws, I will not afflict you with any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians; because I am the LORD your healer” (Exodus 15:26).

The verse below is also about the voice of the LORD.    Unless we know and study the written word and obey all that is possible without justifiying disobedience and sin, we will not hear the voice of the LORD.   We cannot set aside God’s Torah, His teachings and instructions,  and expect the voice of the LORD to speak to us.  We will always need the plumbline of  the Torah and the prophets to keep us from falling for lies and deceptions.  And, according to Daniel, turning away from God’s laws, having deaf ears to the commandments found in Scripture,is already stating that we are unwilling to ‘listen’.

It is for Adonai our God to show compassion and forgiveness, because we rebelled against him.  We didn’t listen to the voice of Adonai our God, so that we could live by his laws, which he presented to us through his servants the prophets.  Yes, all Isra’el flouted your Torah and turned away, unwilling to listen to your voice. Therefore the curse and oath written in the Torah of Moshe the servant of God was poured out on us, because we sinned against him” (Daniel 9:9-11). 

My husband and I give our monetary offerings to different ministries, mostly in Israel.   Recently, I had some extra money that I wanted to give to a specific ministry in Jerusalem even though I had a little check in my spirit.  I mentioned to my husband what I was doing and he, too, didn’t feel right about it.  We didn’t listen to that ‘still, small voice’ because we thought we should be supporting this ministry; it was an honorable thing to do.    The very next day three things happened that showed both of us separately (we were in two different locations)  that we should not have supported that ministry and that we are not to ever again.  Instead, God showed us a better ministry in Jerusalem to support and we both said, “Yeah, why didn’t we think of that?”  Well, we weren’t paying attention to that ‘still, small voice.’ 

Even if we mis-discern the voice of the LORD or ignore the subtleness of that voice, He is faithful to keep us on the right path if we are seeking Him, obeying His Commandments, and learning His ways, the ways in which He wants us to live.   There is no need to be guilt ridden or feel like a rebellious child when we  ‘didn’t hear right’ for when we strive to  ‘listen’, make it our goal to ‘hear and obey’,  we will also ‘hear’ the voice of His correction in His love, mercy and grace.  If we are truly ‘listening’, we will desire the correction and won’t stay in that ‘dark, safe, hidden cave.     We will be encouraged to step out in faith in our ‘listening’ skills and prepare for the next time He has something to say to us.   

“Then I heard the voice of the LORD saying, “Whom should I send? Who will go for us?”  I answered, “I’m here, send me!” (Isaiah 6:8).

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