February 6, 2015 – Glorify God with Your Body

I had an interesting discussion yesterday with a friend about our physical bodies.  The conversation ultimately turned to ‘What motivates you to do what it takes to make the change you want?”  My initial response was “Well, when I know I’m traveling somewhere, I focus more on wanting to look and feel good during the trip.”

As I tossed and turned last night trying to sleep with the touch of a headache, that question kept going through my mind.  What would motivate me to stop eating sugar and chocolate other than the fact that it keeps me awake at night with a dull ache in my head especially since I don’t have any current travel plans.  Then the Spirit brought 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 to mind.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your bodies.”

Glorifying God with my body should be my motivation.  That was my motivation 20 years ago when 2 Corinthians 6:17-7:1 jumped off the proverbial Biblical page.

“Therefore the LORD says, “‘Go out from their midst; separate yourselves; don’t even touch what is unclean.  Then I myself will receive you.  In fact, I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters.’ says Adonai-LORD of Hosts. Therefore, my dear friends, since we have these promises, let us purify ourselves from everything that can defile either body or spirit, and strive to be completely holy, out of reverence for God.”

In a split second, I came to the understanding that I needed to “purify myself from everything that can defile either body or spirit”.   The impurity included touching no unclean thing – touching!  I began to search the Scriptures for ‘unclean’ as I had never been taught about ‘unclean things’ that defiled my physical body.   I had also never been taught about physical purification except that it was something Jewish and, along with everything else was ‘done away with’ by Jesus on the cross.

However, 2 Corinthians was in the New Testament written to gentiles after the resurrection; and, purifying myself from physical defilement was a command.   It was not something God was going to do for me. I needed to take the step.  I needed to strive to completely holy, set apart for God.  The promise was one I desired deep in my heart:  “I will be your Father and you will be my sons and daughters.”   

I am not suggesting that sugar or chocolate are unclean like camel, rabbits and pig, they are not.  However, exhaustion and perpetual headaches benefit no one, myself, my family or God.  I need to purify myself from the contamination those things have in my body, the place where God has put His  Spirit.   I need the LORD of Hosts to battle with me as I am obviously defeated by the temptation on a daily basis.   I also need His Spirit to change my heart and mind so that my motivation isn’t about ‘looking and feeling good for travel,’ but to glorify Him.   After all, I am not my own, I was bought at a great price by my Father and, this daughter does want to reverence Him with her Temple.

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