August 6, 2014 – Anti-Zionists and Israel

All of a sudden there seems to be this onslaught of Orthodox Jews bashing the Zionist movement.  This is dangerous for everyone and anyone who would follow the course that this type of thinking would go.  To believe that Israel is some sort of fake or less than God-ordained nation on earth, is saying that God is ‘out of control’ and the men and women who fought and gave their lives so that the Jews would have a safe place to live out their lives are guilty of disobeying God.  If this is not an anti-semitic view coming from a sect of Jews, it is definitely an anti-messiah view and  the antithesis of the pro-life stance of anti-zionists.  

Please note that it’s the Orthodox Jews who are preparing all of the articles for resuming Temple worship and building a Third Temple.  Many people around the world, believers in Messiah included, support this massive undertaking with the hope that the Temple will usher in the return of Messiah and the Messianic kingdom.  However, the next Temple to be built is found in Ezekiel and it doesn’t have any articles except an altar of sacrifice.  It is also built, not by men, but by Yeshua himself.  Thus, these anti-Zionist, Orthodox Jews are setting themselves up to follow the anti-christ, false messiah.  When there is a Temple along with the  necessary items for worship, a restored Torah-type worship AND a man to officiate as the king messiah, they will follow him into a false peace and a time of suffering like they have never known before.

More and more anti-Zionists, especially Orthodox Jews are considering Turkey an ally with Israel. Turkey is NOT to be trusted on any level, but ultimately Israel will trust this country to her north.   It will probably be Turkey, not Egypt, who brings forth the 7-year peace treaty that Israel signs. There are some excellent videos out there about  the restoration of Ottoman Empire (that was dismantled after WWI in order for this NOT to happen again).

If anyone does a little research on Turkey along with the Caliph and the Caliphate of Islam (world nation of Islam), they will find amazing things happening at this moment in time, but we are being blind-sided by Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza and our focus is elsewhere. To think that the Islamic nations didn’t have impetus in this conflict is foolish since Iran supplied Gaza with weaponry and the amount of anti-Israel protests around the world shows there is a great connection between everything. While we watch and support or (not support Israel due to anti-Zionist/non-knowing Yeshua Jews), a huge Islamic state is being formed and a Caliph, or world leader is being searched out – one whose lineage descends from Mohammed.  It is most likely this man will be the ‘anti-messiah’ bringing a false peace to the Middle East region and even the nations of the world.

These are times of great testing, but we must stand with Israel, not as an idol, but because we must support Yeshua’s brothers and sisters. I have yet to hear from anyone who lives in Israel that Zionists are testing weapons on Palestinians which is something I read on a FB thread.   There is no need for such behavior and the international community would never allow it – even though they allowed the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Syrians!  The Palestinians have a big voice in the world and leaders listen to their cries for help as a small David in the middle of a huge Goliath.  However, let us not forget that they voted in Hamas, an international terror organization, as part of their ‘government.’  For all of the tragedies happening between the Palestinians in Gaza and Israel, Israel DOES have the capacity to destroy the whole of Gaza with one big massive attack, but they have refrained from doing that focusing on destroying those places from where missiles are launched.  This is because Israel is actually the David with Goliaths all around them wanting their destruction.

The Palestinians have been shooting rockets into Israel daily now for a long time.  Israel just got sick of it. They have to protect their people (God’s chosen) as well as the land they won miraculously in two wars – 1948 and 1967. Miraculously means God was in it (even with the guns) because He has a plan for this land now and forever. Miraculously means that we have forgotten that before 1948 NO ONE who ever read their Bible thought such a thing as a nation of Israel could happen in their lifetime. We have no idea what the world and the Middle East would be like today without an Israel.  We are a blessed generation. 

The enemy, haSatan, desires the destruction of Israel. He is and has used Islam since Gideon killed the Midianite kings Zeba and Zalmunna whose camels had crescents around their necks. Why does the enemy (using Islam today) want Israel and the Jewish people living there destroyed? Because Messiah will come there, he will put his feet there, he rule from there. This is why there is a Muslim cemetery outside the Eastern Gate where Messiah is ‘supposed to go through.’ The enemy knows the Truth and wants to prevent Yeshua from coming into Jerusalem!  Even the Dome of the Rock is there to deter His return! 

The Messiah of Israel  is why the enemy has always wanted to destroy the Jewish people. First, if he destroyed them in the time of Haman or the Maccabees, Yeshua would have no Jewish lineage and would not have come as the suffering servant to defeat haSatan and disarm his powers and principalities.   If ha Satan destroys Israel and the Jewish people today, and he almost did in the Holocaust, who would call him back with Baruch haba b’shem Adonai as Yeshua said needed to happen before His return and they would see Him again?  The Jews must be together, they must be in Israel because they have to be in Jerusalem to cry out for him. And, they have to be alive.  It is these world events, the wars and rumours of wars that will cause Jews to cry out for ‘salvation’ from their own Messiah or turn against the very Land to which their salvation is to come.

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