February 28, 2014 – Feeling Snarky about Pork

Feeling ‘snarky’ today.  From what I glean from Wikipedia, it’s probably not a good attitude, but I believe Paul was ‘snarky’ with the Corinthians because they were just not getting his message.   There seems to be a lot of discussion today about pork and how under grace we can ‘eat it’ along with the unique flavorings of murder (anger in our hearts), adultery (following other gods), and lies (deceptions from the enemy).

I am wondering if those who quote Romans 14 and their freedom due to weakness realize that the discussion was regarding ‘food sacrificed to idols’ and not just food in general or those things that are not even considered food according to Leviticus 11.  With the love affair that this country is having with pork and bacon (in everything from ice cream to lipstick), I have to wonder where the discernment is in the Body of Christ about idolatry.  Those who eat pork will defend their right to eat it to their death and those who don’t eat pork are judged by deceived hearts for their desire to obey God.  If you can’t give it up for God, hasn’t it become a god, an idol?

I also wonder if well-meaning full of grace people realize the anti-semitism attached to that seemingly delicious fat pig in all its glory from bits to roasts.  Jews were forced to eat the flesh of pig, against the commands of ‘their’ God and convert to Roman Catholicism or DIE.  The pig holds the horror of death for the brothers and sisters of Yeshua.  Let’s not forget that Yeshua actually sent legions of demons into pigs.   Of course, it wouldn’t be the Jews who would  consider fishing them out of the Galilee for consumption, it would be the gentiles who are free to do whatever their definition of grace allows.

For those who cry out that we need to stop arguing about the pig, and preach Jesus.  Well, you are right.  We need to start obeying God and watch what He does with His Son in our lives.  Jesus was not at Christian despite all the arguments to the contrary.  He was a Jew.  He was born a Jew to Jewish parents who circumcised him on the eighth day.   He lived as a Jew in Nazareth in Israel, he went to the Temple in Jerusalem for the Biblical holy days, taught as a Jewish Rabbi throughout the valley of the Kinneret, died a horrific death as the King of the Jews and will, with glory for all the world to see, return to Jerusalem to set up a Kingdom based on the rules of His Father.  If anyone can show me any doctrine of modern Christianity in his life, his family, his culture, please do.

Recently I stood at the Western Wall talking to an older orthodox Jewish man named Daniel.  He could trace his ancestry back to the Second Temple when his forefathers offered sacrifices at the altar in the Temple.  Yes, he is a Levite Cohen descendant of Aaron.   As we talked about the Scriptures and Torah, he could NOT believe that I was a gentile.  I celebrated Passover, Tabernacles, and the Sabbath. I named my children Yishai, Yakov, Yemima, and Yosiah.  I had read the Prophets and knew what they said!    But more importantly, when I told him we ate Levitically and did not eat pork or shellfish, the conversation turned to Yeshua, the salvation of Israel.

We are always to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us, but how does anyone question us if we do everything the world does?  Some may see our joy and peace, but what about the others who do not have the ‘eyes to see’ our burgeoning fruits in the abstract reality we create for ourselves?  They need to see the actions that result from our faith and the Spiritual fruit it produces.  Was it enough to tell young women sitting on chairs reading their prayer books on the Sabbath at the wall that I have the joy of Yeshua?  No, I had to put action to my joy.  Can we dance?  Can we express our joy?  Is it only the men who are able to dance for joy?  Didn’t Miriam dance?  Soon, a group of 30 young Jewish women were dancing at the Western Wall on Shabbat, and I and a woman from Holland, danced along with them – the Jews and the nations!  And, there are those who judge dancing!

Of course, we’re all under grace, but explain sinning grace to those who know better, who have guarded the Words of God with their lives for millennia so we can pervert them!   Why not tell them about the empowering life-giving grace that didn’t leave us orphans or incapable of action – the power that brought Yeshua back to life?  It’s that powerful grace provided by the Spirit, sent by the Father through Yeshua that enables us to obey the commandments and have a testimony to the world which includes the lost sheep of the House of Israel.  Paul tells us in Romans 11 we are to make the Jew envious for their Messiah.   It is only when they call on him will all Israel be saved and there will be life from the dead!  They do not envy the savior of the one holding a ham sandwich in their hand.  It’s much easier to stop eating pork than to truly love our neighbor with a sacrificial love, but sometimes to sacrificially love our Jewish neighbors, we must stop eating pork.

Yeshua did not eat pork.   He did not make ‘all foods clean’ in Mark 7;  he made artos clean.  Artos is the Greek word for ‘bread’.  All bread was, is and always will be clean, because the discussion was about the Bread of Life who stood before his disciples and proclaimed that the kingdom of heaven is not about food,  ceremonial hand washings and traditions of men,  but about peace, joy and righteousness that comes from loving and obeying the Creator of the Universe.  The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven includes Jews and non-Jews receiving the same Jewish Messiah and obeying the same Jewish King of Kings.

According to the prophet Isaiah, in the world to come, those who have their pork roasts and eat all manner of unclean food behind their temples will meet their end ‘with the one they follow’.

Yeshua says, “Follow me.”

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