Rapture, Remain, Translation?

Aa dear friend, Tony, asked this on his Facebook status today:

What if this happens TODAY? ARE YOU READY?

“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord” 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. (KJV)

We are to be ready at all times because we do not know when we will be called home or when we will take our last breath…right??

However that being said, I am saying this in all love and compassion… If Yeshua/Jesus came back today it would be a False Christ masquerading as the true risen SON of YHVH (G-D). Can anyone tell me why?? The key is in understanding the Hebrew mindset AND verse 16 of the above.

My response:  Today is not the Feast of Trumpets.

Why is knowing about the ‘appointed time’ Feast of Trumpets so important?

There is a lot of incredible symbolism regarding the Bride being ‘caught away’ in a Jewish betrothal and wedding ceremony.   In fact, my father told me about the two types of pots and pans his grandmother had – one for cooking and one for when a groom went to ‘steal’ his bride from her house.  The whole thing amazed me as it sounded a lot like 1 Thessalonians with the ‘trumpet call’ and all the friends going with the groom to the bride’s house, banging instruments and yelling for her to come out until the groom would run in the front door, go to her room, grab her and carry her down the street to cheers and yelps.

I see ‘two’ different events as Messiah’s return.    I am NOT saying there’s a rapture of the church because I don’t believe that.  I believe there is the snatching away of the Bride which is different.   As you may already know, Yeshua is called the second Adam (1 Corinthians. 15:45).  From a portion of Adam’s flesh, a bride was fashioned for him.  I believe it’s the same for Yeshua.  From the ‘church’, also known as the BODY of Messiah, a Bride is fashioned from the flesh (heart of flesh) portion of His Body.  I believe these are the true saints – those who according to Revelation, (Rev. 12:17, Rev. 20:4) have a testimony of Messiah AND obey the commandments.  If you only have the testimony of Yeshua, you are NOT part of the  sanctified Bride of Messiah though you may be part of His Body.  Fine linen is given to the Bride which stands for the righteous acts of the saints; those without righteous acts (obedience to the commands) don’t get the fine linen (Revelation 19:8)  They wear robes in Revelation, wave palm branches and cry out that ‘salvation belongs to the Lord’ (Revelation 7:9).  They may have eternal life, but may not live eternally in the New Jerusalem.  The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come” (Revelation 22:17).

As for the Millennial Kingdom, these folks wearing white robes who had hearts of disobedienct stone will not rule and reign with Messiah because they do not know and understand His rules and regulations for governing His Kingdom.  They were wonderful hands, feet, fingers, toes, arms and legs in this world,  but they did not have ‘His heart’ as David did – a love for Torah.

Another allusion to the Feast of Trumpets is the completion of a betrothal.  At Passover, Yeshua made a betrothal offer in Luke 22.   He had his disciples ‘share a cup of wine’, the Cup of Sanctification, the cup that would set them apart for as His Bride.  The second cup (and bread) was the Cup of Justification or the Bride Price He paid with His body and blood.  He paid this ‘bride price’ to the father of the bride, (in our case, our father is the devil, John 8:44), which was death and Satan’s ultimate victory – until Yeshua rose from the dead on Feast of Firstfruits.

At the Feast of Trumpets, you also have the shofar blasts.  This is congruous to 1 Thessalonians as well.  As far as I know, Yom Kippur is SOLEMN and there are no trumpet blasts or maybe one to announce the day or end the Days of Awe.   Many people liken the trumpet blasts to the seven trumpets in Revelation, however, I can’t do that for two reasons.  First, there are only four blasts for Yom Teruah: Tekiah (gathering), Shevarim (repentence), Teruah (war), Tekiah Gadolah (victory).  I  have heard it taught that Messiah will remove His Bride and then begin the cleansing of the earth with his armies on Yom Kippur in order to establish His Kingdom. In Revelation, however,  there are SEVEN Trumpet blasts.   Each of those seven trumpet blasts have a judgement purpose and an event follows.

The Feast of Trumpets has NO memorial as of yet.  It is called  ‘a day of blowing’ commemorating an event that has not yet, never happened.  As far as I know, apart from the holy ones in Jerusalem who came out of their tombs on Firstfruits, and Yeshua, there has never been a resurrection of the living and the dead!

The problem with the rapture concept is that it has been perverted by both sides of believers – Hebraic and Christian.   Yeshua says  that ‘one generation will not see (taste) death’ (Matthew 16:28).  I don’t know when that generation is, but we live in a generation of believers who are preparing for survival or death!  That bothers me a lot.  Why are we preparing for death?  Why are we preparing for Tribulation rather than preparing to be that Bride who escapes death – that one generation?  Where are there Scriptures that tell us how to prepare for the Tribulation?  From what I read, there is NO preparation except oil in your lamp.

Years ago when I prayed about all of this for many reasons, Yahweh showed me that there will be those who ‘prepare to meet him’  and those who ‘prepare to stay’.   Those who prepare to stay will stay and probably be beheaded for their faith in Yeshua and obedience to the commandments.  Those who go will go – both have a place in the Bride of Messiah.

Some of this is confirmed in the Parable of the 10 Virgins – all of whom are virgins and betrothed to Yeshua.  Five do not have oil for their lamps and five do.  When Yeshua arrives at midnight,  five go with him into the wedding banquet (chamber) and five do not.   Fiver were ready to meet him, five had not prepared and had to go ‘buy oil’.  The ‘moral’ of the parable was that ‘you do not know the day or the hour’ so be ready and waiting.

As you already know,  the idiom ‘no one knows the day or the hour’ refers to the New Moon celebration of Yom Teruah.  It is not a ‘no one knows the day or the hour’ as the church teaches the rapture as happening at any moment, but as an appointed time that no one knows except the Father in heaven.  We can know the season, the ‘appointed time’, but not the exact year of the appointed time.

This idiom is also an allusion to a betrothal and marriage ceremony.  The bride never knew when the groom was going to come get her which is why she kept an oil lamp lit in her chamber (Matthew 25).  When the father of groom deemed the time right, he would allow/send his son for his bride.  This is because a man had to prepare a place for his bride.  Most men, if they could put up a lean-to they would, but ‘daddy knows better’ and so makes his son prepare a proper home – within his own house.  So, only the father knows when the place is appropriately ready (more or less 2 years) and says to his son, ‘Okay son, go now and get your bride.’  The son gathers his friends (archangels), loud noisemakers (trumpets) and goes and gets her from her room (because her lamp is lit)  and takes her for a week-long marriage celebration (consummation) into the bridal chamber until they are presented to the community (world) as husband and wife – King and Queen of the Kingdom of Yah. (Some believe that the ‘blood red moon’ that happens near/around/after Feast of Trumpets is symbolic of the consummation thus showing un-redeemed Israel, they missed the boat.)

Consummation of the wedding is the time when we will see Him ‘face to face’ and all things will be laid bare.  He will know us and our hidden sins and we will know him in all his glory.   A consummation of a marriage does NOT happen in public with the whole world watching as lightning from east to west.   It happens ‘at midnight’, ‘behind closed doors’ with the One we love.

Sha’ul speaks of an event, a mystery of the transformation of the saints from mortal to immortality taking place in ‘the twinkling of an eye’.   The ‘twinkling of an eye’  finds its roots in the conjunction of the moon or the correct new moon which also aligns itself with the ocean tides.  For those who are always arguing about this, all one needs to do is check an ocean tide chart.  It’s that simple.  The moon controls the tides and they are high or low or higher or lower depending on a new moon or full moon, a spring moon, and even an autumn moon.   It’s really very fascinating and would solve a lot of the issues surrounding Feast of Trumpets.

To continue,  this idiom is an ancient reference to when the moon, the sun and earth are aligned for a ‘twinkling of an eye’.  (It also has something to do with the pupil growing when someone is sexually aroused.  Wouldn’t Adam have had a ‘twinkling of an eye’ when he saw Eve?  Won’t Yeshua have a ‘twinkling of an eye’ when He finally gets His Bride into the bridal chamber?)  At this moment in time, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump, we will all be changed.

This leads me to another reason why I believe Feast of Trumpets is the day of the translation of the saints from mortal to immortal.  For 2000 years (and before with the holy ones of Israel), millions of believers – Jews and non-Jews have fallen asleep in Messiah – they are ‘dead’.  Why do they get to miss the Tribulation – that ultimate refining fire?   From what I read in Revelation and all the judgments, it is better to be dead!  Who wants to be beheaded?  Why do we teach that there is ‘one generation that will go through the Tribulation and we better prepare, when Yeshua says something else in Matthew 24:32, Mark 13:30, Luke 21:32.   This is my rhetorical question, Why would my Bridegroom, who gave His life for ME, allow MY generation to suffer and die, when the rest of the Bride is resurrected to LIFE?  Why do they get to miss all the fun and excitement of massive death and destruction?

I am NOT saying that we will not go through tribulation, we will.  Yeshua says we will and we do.  Some of what is happening today in America is nothing more than tribulation that is setting the stage for THE Tribulation.  The American church and many believers are so deceived into  thinking it’s The Tribulation and they will be ‘taken out’ or if they endure, they ‘made it through’.  I do not believe they or us will be taken out of America’s problems, but I also do not believe that Yeshua desires His Bride to go through His Father’s wrath when He laid down His life for His Bride to protect her from judgment (Romans 5:9-10).   What husband would allow his wife to be beaten up and killed by his father?

There are also the silver trumpets in Numbers 10:2 which were made for ‘gathering the community together’ and ‘moving them out’.  This is an allusion/shadow of 1 Thessalonians, in my opinion. The final trumpet blast – Tekiah Gadol – will gather together those who have fallen asleep and those who are alive and move them out.  To where?  To the wilderness? To the heavenly chuppah?

Yeshua arrives with his armies riding white horses – who are also wearing fine linen.  Who are these people?  When did they get their fine linen? Was there a translation of saints and an immediate return to earth with our Commander in Chief?  It’s possible because Yahweh looks at the big/whole picture while we think of it as linear.  However, I think Isaiah says something interesting:

Isaiah 26:20 “Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.” 

Yeshua says that in His Father’s house are many ‘rooms’.  Are these the rooms Isaiah is talking about?  I don’t know, but we will enter rooms.

Let’s look at Yom Kippur and the return of Messiah in the clouds.  First, the Scriptures say that ‘they will look on the one they have pierced and mourn’.  There is nothing in me, NOTHING, NADA, in me that will mourn when I see Yeshua coming in the clouds.  I will rejoice, I will be celebrating because I didn’t pierce him in ignorance; I received His piercings as my own – my redemption, my salvation, the payment for my sin and separation from my Father (who by this time is my Father-in-law because I’m married to His Son).

Who will look on the one they pierced and mourn?  Those who rejected Him.  Since He is returning to Israel, the Mount of Olives, entering the western gate of Jerusalem, I believe there are many in Israel (and ultimately around the world) who have mocked and rejected Him who will mourn.  Those who didn’t obey His commandments will ‘weep and gnash’ their teeth because they weren’t ready for the wedding banquet.  Though Messiah ‘stood at the door and knocked’, they never opened that dalet and went inside with him – aka Sabbath.

Check out Joel 2:16-17 in regards to a holy fast – Yom Kippur.  The people are gathered for a solemn assembly.  The bridegroom and bride leave their room and bridal chambers.  Is this another allusion to the Bride and Groom already being ‘set apart’, ‘called out‘ and arriving for Yom Kippur together and married?

“Blow the shofar in Tziyon! Proclaim a holy fast, call for a solemn assembly.” Gather the people; consecrate the congregation; assemble the leaders; gather the children, even infants sucking at the breast; let the bridegroom leave his room and the bride the bridal chamber.  Let the cohanim, who serve Adonai, stand weeping between the vestibule and the altar. Let them say, “Spare your people, Adonai! Don’t expose your heritage to mockery, or make them a byward among the Goyim. Why should the peoples say, ‘Where is their God?’”

These are all the reasons  why I believe that Yeshua returns for His Bride on Feast of Trumpets and why those who rejected Him mourn when He returns with fire in his eyes as a warrior King.

When Yeshua ascended into heaven, the disciples, his talmidim,  stood there watching him go and were told by an angel that that is how He would return – to THEM – not the whole world!  To the whole world, He will come as lightning comes from the east and west and every eye will see him; to His disciples, He will come in the clouds.  As far as I know, there was no lightning when He ascended because ONLY His talmidim watched Him go.

One interpretation of the cloud is all the saints who rose from the dead with him as firstfruits.  (It would be firstfruit if it was only Yeshua). Hebrews 12:1 speaks of a ‘great cloud of witnesses’ surrounding us and it is my belief that the ‘clouds with which he returns for His Bride’ are those who have already asleep in His presence.  Again, another reference to 1 Thessalonians and those who are asleep being taken with those who are awake.

What has saddened me over the past 33 years of my walk with the Lord is to see that Christians miss the idea that they need to obey God’s commandments to receive reward in the Kingdom (a linen gown, the royal priesthood, the Bride of Messiah).  They just think that ‘everyone goes’ even if you are a baby.  Even IF everyone went, only babies who are sanctified by believing parents would ‘go’ not every baby on the planet.  There is and will be a separation of sheep and goats, and in the Middle East, they look alike.

On the other hand, the Hebrew roots movement has gone the other direction so as to believe ‘no one goes anywhere’ except maybe to the wilderness where they will survive.   They have so embraced being ‘Israel’ that they forget that there is a Kingdom of heaven, a world to come that Yeshua spoke about.  Yes, it is here and now spiritually, but there is a day of the Lord coming when the physical and spiritual will come together (Millennial Kingdom) and eventually the immortal spiritual will become eternal in the reNewed Heavens and Earth and reNewed Jerusalem.

I also think the Hebrew roots movement misses the purpose of Feast of Trumpets being BEFORE Yom Kippur and having some incredible significance as an ‘appointed time‘ with blowing of shofars/silver trumpets.  Many in the Hebrew roots movement don’t even consider Trumpets a real holy day with symbolism and shadows and even neglect Yom Kippur for Sukkot.  You can’t have a dwelling of Messiah until Messiah establishes his throne!

For some reason, too, these past few years, we have been lead to really KNOW and TEACH the sounds of the shofar blasts so as to recognize them.  Josi said at her congregation in New York they had to say them before they were blown so they would know them.  WHY do we need to recognize these sounds?  That, my friend Tony, is my question?

I have tried to study this out, but have never had the amount of time though now, maybe.  What is the difference between the man Israel and the man Jacob?  I have come to kind of see that Jacob is the flesh man, the soul man while Israel was the spiritual man.  The Tribulation is called the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, NOT the Time of Israel’s Trouble.  Again, I have not studied this out, but I do think there is something to this. I could be very wrong, but there was a reason for changing Jacob’s name (deceiver, supplanter) to Israel (overcomer) and then promising a time of great trial for Jacob.

So, to answer your question on Facebook, if Yeshua returned in the clouds TODAY, it is my opinion that it would be a demon masquerading as an alien Messiah so as to deceive the whole world because it is not one of Yahweh’s appointed times where there are trumpet blasts, and a cloud of witnesses and a Bridegroom returning for His Bride.  It would probably be Mohammed because I also believe that according to Ezekiel 38, Yahweh is going to use the crescent moon and star folks (all the nations mentioned there are Islamic) to bring His people to their knees.  But, that’s another discussion for another time and why we are firm believers in a conjunction moon and have nothing to do  with a  crescent that stands on top of every mosque in the world.  And, yes, I am ready for whatever Yahweh wants to do with me today – even if it’s my last day of living and breathing.  I have been incredibly blessed and love Yeshua with every fiber of my being.  I have oil in my lamp and when He knocked at my door, I opened it.

There is even more shadows and allusions with door and Yom Teruah, but for now, we’ll just leave that door open for whoever wants to come in and feast with Messiah.

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