Bombers are Victims?

As I read through Facebook threads the past  days about the two young men involved in the bombings at the Boston Marathon, I am somewhat shocked, not at the events unfolding, but at the responses of Americans.  It’s difficult for me to understand why people are feeling sorry for the father of the boys and the boys themselves.  Have we forgotten who the real victims are?  Have we forgotten what true justice is?

“Whoever sheds human blood, by a human being will his own blood be shed; for God made human beings in his image” (Genesis 9:6).

Yes, capital punishment is under great scrutiny in America and has been for decades.   People with good, solid consciences don’t like the thought of killing other people.  So, in order to appease our consciences, we remove death sentences for murderers and take care of them for life in prisons that have more perks than most hard-working Americans can afford.  We begin to feel sorry for the criminal, make excuses for his criminal behavior (claiming mental illness or insanity) until the criminal is the victim and the true victims don’t receive justice.

What if these boys were innocent?  Isn’t ‘innocent until proven guilty’ still part of our American judicial system?  Do innocent people prove their innocence by killing more people?  Didn’t these two boys, one of whom became a naturalized American citizen and the other who was a ‘permanent resident’ know the ‘law of the land?’  Of course they did, and they knew they were guilty of the crimes. Their guilt was proven in their unwillingness to use the system, even if it is somewhat corrupt, to be tried and prove their innocence.

One of the arguments for the gun control issue is that we have police to protect us so we don’t need our Second Amendment rights (which is not the purpose of the amendment).   The police, who were doing their job and trying to find the suspects and protect more innocent people, had to protect themselves from gunfire and further attacks.   Is it not enough that innocent people lost limbs and life,  but these ‘supposedly innocent’ young men are now trying to kill law enforcement officers who are trying to apprehend them for questioning?   I don’t know if these boys were set up or this is some elaborate conspiracy theory, it doesn’t matter.  In America anyone who shoots a police officer is guilty of a criminal act and is not a helpless victim.

One comment I keep seeing is, “If they were my children, I would …” feel this way or that way.

Here’s my response.  First, they wouldn’t be my children.  My children know the difference between right and wrong.  My children have been taught the value of life  and understand the moral issue of killing other people. Murder is wrong and punishable by death.   My children have not been raised with the idea there are certain races or nationalities of people or religious groups whose lives are less valuable than others and should be blown off the face of the earth because they think differently, act differently or live differently than we do.

My children have been taught that there is justice for crimes and when you commit a crime, there will be consequences.  Strangely enough this understanding of  crimes and justice started in our home, just like it started in my home, my father’s home, and his father’s home through discipline and Biblical instruction.

Second, if this would have been one of my children and that’s a huge if,  I would not be acting like the Russian father who is pleading for his sons’ lives and making accusations of ‘set ups‘ when there is evidence to the contrary unfolding before everyone’s eyes.  I would be enraged at my children for making themselves an international spectacle.  I would feel sad, embarrassed and disappointed among so many other emotions, none of which would include being so proud as to lash out at a foreign government inciting even more strife and discord.    I would also be doing some self-examination of my parenting and trying to uncover whatever it was that brought my sons to the point of perpetuating such violence.  I would be doing everything I could to try to understand how my children got their consciences so seared and help the authorities to bring justice to those who were killed or hurt.  I would not expect them to be exonerated or given ‘victim status’.   I would be like the mother whose son abducted and murdered a young girl and, even with the pain of losing her beloved son to prison or death, turned him in!

I am not Russian; I am not from Chechnya so I do not understand this man’s point of view nor the culture in which these boys were raised.    A friend wrote this and I  found it to be uniquely profound:

“This is why I love the study of culture so much. If the two suspects are truly from Chechnya then they have come from a culture of violence. You can take the person out of their culture, but you can never really take the culture out of the person. I know the authorities understood what they were dealing with, but the common person probably does not understand why these kids would do this. I won’t say I understand it, but based on his culture it does not surprise me. That is why my study of the Polish culture just fascinates me, and really as complicated and fascinating the Polish culture is, where these kids come from is even more dynamic in so many ways. God bless the authorities who took care of the situation, and I am glad this situation is seemingly done, though it will take time for the investigation and an unlimited time for healing those directly affected.”

Americans live and act very differently than most other cultures in the world.  We have freedoms that have been taken for granted. We have become numb to their real value in our society.  In America, we have freedom of religion or a right to your own belief system; you can choose your political bent and voice your political beliefs, follow whatever God you choose and worship how you please.  You can be a communist or an avowed atheist which are  protected under our religious liberties and freedom of speech.

However, because of our freedoms, we believe that all other nations think the same way we do when there are passionate differences of viewpoints.  We believe they will act in a similar way as Americans:  debate, debate, debate.   Unfortunately, that is not the ideologies of other nations as many murder those with differing political or religious beliefs, whether in localized bombing or threatening other countries.   With our liberties,  we have become ignorant to the depth of sacrifice a theocratic nation or factions within that nation will go to defend their religious political system especially when those beliefs are contrary to their own.

America has gone from a nation founded on Biblical principles to a mostly agnostic /atheist/ post-modern culture.  We have separated the thread of religion from our country’s tapestry of independence and liberty for all and that tapestry is unravelling.   We have no concept of what it is to fight to the death for religious or political stand. We no longer consider good and evil of any consequence because that would make us religious people who maybe believe there are unseen forces at work that would challenge the humanistic culture.  Consequently, we do not grasp the enormity of evil that lurks in the minds and hearts of those who have never heard the words of Jesus, ‘love your enemy.’  or at least in modern political correctness, ‘tolerate your enemy.’

As a result, we always stand dumbfounded when terrorists attack who are politically and religiously motivated because we have separated those two entities in American  life and culture.  We are ignorant enough to believe that everyone is inherently a good American.   When terror attacks occur, we insulate ourselves from what stares us in the face and threatens to blow up our little bubble of false security.  We do what we can to protect that little inner voice that absolutely knows right from wrong, good from evil, and God from godlessness.   Still, little by little, bit by bit, we have allowed our consciences to be seared until all matters of life and death are blurred, true victims of crimes are forgotten, the criminals become the victims, and those who are paid to protect us are deemed totally corrupt.

It is difficult to be a parent in these crazy days.  When horrible events happen, we wonder what it would be like to be ‘the parent of that child’ or ‘how would I react if that were my child”.   We should never lose our compassion.   However in our emotional projections, we must remember that empathy does not and never will replace justice.

We are living in very evil days and the days to come will grow more evil, not because I said so, but because the God that humanists refuse to acknowledge exists, says so.  As  people shake their heads at the unmasking of incomprehensible evil on innocent people,  wonder what is coming on the world,  and begin to faint from the terror that may follow, it has already been spoken about in the Scriptures.   Unfortunately, because of the hardness of our hearts, the continued searing of our consciences, and our staunch advocacy of freedom from religion, life in America is going to get much, much worse because good will be considered evil and evil good just as criminals have become victims and true justice is questioned and repulsed by misdirected compassion and empathy.

“Moreover, understand this: in the last days will come trying times. People will be self-loving, money-loving, proud, arrogant, insulting, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, uncontrolled, brutal, hateful of good  traitorous, headstrong, swollen with conceit, loving pleasure rather than God, as they retain the outer form of religion but deny its power. …Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light, and light for darkness” ((2 Timothy 3:1-4, Isaiah 5:20).

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