Meadow Spring

by Julie Almanrode


A slight gentle breeze scurried through the trees

Shimmering leaves on their jutting branches.

A waft of fresh high-country mountain air

Brings a sweet smell of blossoming flowers

Through a wide colorless napping meadow

Crushing winter with the essence of spring.


The morning snowflakes create a new spring

Leaving a white trace on evergreen trees,

Flakes powdering the high mountain meadow,

Touching so lightly the dozing branches.

Dripping diamonds from bent wildflowers,

Giving a crisp morning feel to the air.


The newness of life hovered in the air

As water bubbled out from a fresh spring,

Trickling towards the thirsty colored flowers

Nourishing the hungry roots of the trees.

Groans came as waking trunks stretched their branches.

From a long deep slumber wakes the meadow.


Grasses pop up their heads in the meadow.

With the brush of subtle currents of air

Start swaying a budding bush’s branches

Coercing a quiet rabbit to spring

And scurry annoyed toward a grove trees.

Leaving a wake of quivering flowers.


Purple and red segments leave each flower

Floating petals drift over the meadow.

Joyful little birds flutter from the trees

Extending wings to catch currents of air

Compelled by the warm energy of spring

To design new twig nests in the branches.


Buds push their tiny heads from the branches

Promising hope in their blossom flowers.

God’s Spirit stirs the arrival of  spring

Breathing and inspiring the cool meadow.

His warm whispering air

Caresses the trees.


The reviving tree; fruit in its branches,

Shifting of air; scent of wildflowers

In the meadow brings the promise of spring.

©2013 jsixrock

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