After the Blizzard

A poem for a homeschool class.

All snowy and white with new fallen snow (A)

Corn fields shivered in the chill of the day (B)

Footprints marked the trail of one on the go (A)

Skipping, jumping toward two large bales of hay (B).

Fence wires shimmer with pieces of ice  (C)

In the sun’s morning glimmer from the east (D)

Corn husks cover a small family of mice (C)

Munching on grain and enjoying a feast (D)

A gaggle of geese breaks the hush below (E)

Sending a wave of sound through the brisk air (F)

A breeze through some evergreens starts to blow (E)

Flakes fall from limb to limb and here to there (F)

The morning melts into the afternoon sun (G)

Snow sparkles bright until the day is done. (G)

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