“The Way” of Our Home Education

“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness” (2 Peter 1:3)

The Jewish people were and are some of the most educated people on the planet.  It is because they were chosen by God and given His Word.  They never sold themselves short or stopped learning because they thought they wouldn’t use some subject or another.  Because of this view, they have given the world more inventions, more innovations, and more music than any other culture.   Hebrew school was central to their education so they would be prepared for what God had planned for them individually and corporately as a society.

The Bible is the foundation of everything in life from history to family celebrations.  The Biblical Festivals were the center of our lives from the start.   Every festival was used to study all types and shadows and highlight Scriptures that related to the festivals.  We developed plays and puppet shows for some of the holy days.  The Scriptures were used for learning to read (beginning Bibles) and writing (writing out Scriptures).  I made up my own ‘book studies’, used some curriculums, studied lyrics to hymns and worship songs.

Spiritual Gifts were very important to me.  I found ‘tests’ to learn what each of my children’s spiritual gifts were so we could develop them – both in learning the strengths of their spiritual gifts as well was their weakness.  In this way, we could give to our children and teach our children in the very way that they were created by the Father.

English/Language Arts: Having a degree in English, communication is  priority to me.  I believe that reading classics and good literature creates a good understanding of vocabulary and helps develop writing skills.  We used Learning Language Arts Through Literature, but my children had to read the complete book.  I have an incredible home library, but more importantly is A LIBRARY CARD.

Foreign Languages: I taught basic Hebrew especially the word pictures so that I could teach the 10 Commandments through the letters.  I wanted my children to have a basic understanding of all the commonly used blessings.  One of my children struggled with dyslexia and Hebrew until a command of the English language was understood.  Other foreign languages were important because we need to be able to share our faith with the nations.  Mission trips are pointless if you can’t speak the language of the people you are helping.  We used videos and CDs for all languages  and I found Rosetta Stone to be the best program.

History/Geography was always combined with Bible history whenever possible – Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Persia.  Whenever a country was talked about Ethiopia, we studied the country.  We made foods, costumes, and listened to music from the country.  We also included studies from one or two countries in each continent.   We also did in depth studies of gods and goddesses that are listed in Scripture.  One of my children did her research paper on Greek gods and goddesses and how they are in the world today.  Discernment of the spiritual realm in this world was very, very important to me.

Science: Some people don’t believe ‘in science’ but the creation week is jam packed with science.  Example – “Let there be light” includes studying light in all different ways whether learning to make candles or learning about shadows (cameras).  Day 2, “Separated waters from waters and called expanse sky” was all about water, the atmosphere and weather and included rainbows.  Day  3 “Dry land and seed bearing plants” (biology and botany).  Day 4 ‘Sun, moon and stars’ – astronomy.  Day 5 is obvious with birds and fish.  Day 6 is obvious with land animals (zoology, mammals) and man (anatomy, physiology, sociology).

Math was important as numbers are used everyday in all sorts of ways.  I used Miquon Math and Saxon Math until my dyslexia, dyscalculia child.  We used manipulatives, blocks and even an abacus.  Some people stop teaching math when it gets ‘hard’, but all math teaches reasoning skills and the ability to think.  Challenges will always be a part of life and it’s important to meet challenges head on.  When I was learning Algebra in high school, I wondered if I would ever ‘use it’ again.  I did – when teaching my own children – one of which LOVED Algebra and Calculus.  I needed that foundation to pass it on.

Many, many other subjects were designed per child.  My daughter who loved horses did two years of horse studies, read every book she could find about horses and even some veterinary science.  We moved to place where we could have a horse and bought her a horse.   My son who loved drawing did a drafting course.  He also had a ‘bent’ for Torah and understanding the ‘law’ so he also did a legal course and studied the Constitution of the United States.

Stewardship:  My husband taught my sons how to take care of cars and a house.  I taught all my children how to cook, grocery shop, clean, and take care of their rooms.

FIELD TRIPS.  These were very important to our home education.  We never wanted to home school our children isolate them ‘from the world’, but to teach them how to be ‘in the world’ without being ‘of the world’.  We wanted them to see history, touch history, taste history as that was the very purpose for the Appointed Times – to know, see, and touch God.

God’s creation is beautiful and He has many opportunities for our children to be who he created them to be when we follow their ‘bent‘ (Proverbs 22:6).   My children had an education that would prepare them for college even though we did not encourage college.  I wanted them to have a choice.  If they went to college, I wanted them ‘ready’, if they did not, I wanted them educated.  We taught them to think for themselves and not to be ‘in the box’ of any institution whether it’s the school or the church.

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