Wells of Living Water: Water4Foundation

Push, pull, push pull.  Hands cupped and ready.  Push, pull, pump, pump.  Children surrounded him and watched anxiously.  Up and down, up and down, pump, pump.  The young boy pushed and pulled on the pump handle with one goal in mind – WATER!

Suddenly, a rush of the cold water shot out from a hole in the handle.  With shouts and screams of joy, the children jumped up and down as they tried to catch the fresh, clean water in their hands.   Water overflowed their little palms and splashed onto the ground splattering their clothes with moisture and making puddles in the parched dirt.

Pure, clean water continued to pour out of the well pump.   Water, which we take for granted on a daily basis, the village children of Uganda caught in their hands and threw into the air spraying and refreshing everyone around them.

The prophet Isaiah says, “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation” (Isaiah 12:3).   These village children know the reality of receiving the salvation of living water.  Unfortunately, many villages around the world like the one in Uganda don’t have the ability to draw water from a well and they are thirsty for pure, clean drinking water.

Water4Foundation is a life-saving ministry that “Empowers Communities One Well at a Time”.  They drill wells and bring water to villages that have no access to clean water.  Their simple low-cost drilling technique allows them to pump underground water to the people who need it.   The average cost of drilling one well is between $5000-$10,000, but Water4Foundation drills one well for only $1000.  Additionally, they teach and equip communities to drill their own wells –  $5000 enables a community to drill 50 wells!

Bring a well of salvation to thirsty children worldwide in places like Kenya, India, Brazil, and Haiti.   Through your donations to Water4Foundation, you can give the gift of living water to communities who are thirsty.   “Indeed, whoever gives you even a cup of water to drink because you come in the name of the Messiah — yes! I tell you that he will certainly not lose his reward”  (Mark 9:41).

Villagers heard the shouts and screams from the children. They rushed to the well.  They saw boys and girls dancing in the water gushing from the pump.   They reached out their own hands and cupped the water. They sipped and quenched their inner thirst.   They rubbed the cool water on their faces and their heads.  The Source of Living Water had come to their village. They would no longer be thirsty. With joy they drank from the well of salvation. Up and down, pump, pump. GUSH!

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