November 29, 2011 – Wedding Invitations

Recently I was at a wedding.  The man officiating the ceremony said, “You are all here because you are invited guests and only invited guests come to a wedding ceremony.”  For some reason, my thoughts immediately went to the soon-to-be wedding ceremony for the Messiah and His Bride.  Yes, I thought, only guests who are invited will be at the marriage of the Lamb.

As I thought about this a little later, I remembered a parable that Yeshua taught about a wedding banquet that was being prepared by a father for his son  (Mat. 22, Lk. 14).   All of the ‘invited guests’ were too busy with other things – they were just married, they had bought livestock, they just couldn’t be bothered because the timing was off.    So the host of the banquet sent out invitations to what we would consider ‘random people.’  Those ‘random people’ became the honored guests and were able to enjoy and be blessed with the festivities of the wedding banquet.  There was one wedding guest who did not have on the proper wedding clothes and though he received an invitation, he was removed from the party because many are invited, but few are chosen.

The wedding feast of the Lamb will be a literal feast or Appointed Time of the LORD.  It will most likely be a Passover  as Yeshua said he would not celebrate it again until it was given its full meaning in the Kingdom.  With all the types and shadows of a Jewish betrothal ceremony, the Passover in the Kingdom would be given its full meaning and purpose – an actual wedding feast.  It could also be the Feast of Tabernacles when the nations are gathered together in Jerusalem and the Armies of Heaven (the Bride)  rule and reign with the Messiah King for 1000 years.    It could even be the eternal Sabbath as that is a day ‘set apart by Yahweh’ and the New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven ‘like a bride.‘   The weekly Sabbath has been considered by some as the ‘bride day of the week’.  Which of the annual festivals will be the marriage supper of the Lamb remains to be seen, but the invitations have been sent out by the Father with many of the RSVP excuses being, “that’s a Jewish festival so I’m not going” or “I don’t have to go to that, that’s legalistic” or “that’s not for today because Jesus fulfilled all of those things.”

The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come’, with an open invitation to all, but only a few will actually choose to be at the wedding of the Lamb at the time the Father has already set.    Only a few will see that the wedding of the Lamb is between a Jewish King and His Bride who wants His name, His people, His lifestyle, His culture.   Only a few will understand the blessing of an appointed time and prepare to join in celebrating the wedding of  an eternity.   Only a few will understand that the fulfillment of all things, especially the banquets of God, still has fruit to bear in Yeshua.    Fewer still, a remnant of saints, will choose to work out their sanctification with righteous acts and receive the fine linen gown given only to the Bride who wants honored guests to celebrate her marriage to the Lamb and join in the Feast of all Feasts.

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  • marie says:

    Good day,

    I am confused. At Yeshua’s wedding feast are the invited wedding guests and the bride the same groups of people?

    Thank you

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