November 11, 2011 – Thought for the Sabbath Day

YHVH is a righteous Judge (Ps. 7:11).    As a righteous Judge, He makes righteous judgments based on His righteous commands.   Death is His righteous judgment for breaking those commands (Rom. 5:12).   Thanks to Yeshua and his faithfulness, the complete righteous judgement of eternal death and separation from our Creator has been taken care of (Rom. 6:23).

YHVH is also merciful (Dan. 9:9).   He removed man from Gan Eden so that he would not live eternally in sinful state by eating from the Tree of Life (Gen. 3:23-24).    In His mercy, YHVH did not want man to work himself to physical death ‘cultivating the ground from which he was taken’ so He allowed His holy Sabbath to come out of the Garden (Heb. 4:9-11).  It became a day of  memorial to the time of creation (Ex. 20:8-11), it became a ‘sign’ that YHVH is still in relationship with His people (Ez. 20:20) and it remains as a sweet taste and weekly vision of our eternal rest that will be restored in the new heavens and new earth (Is. 66:22-23).

Shabbat Shalom!

©2011 jsixrock

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