April 9, 2011 – Treasured DNA

Today I came across this personal belief statement.  I couldn’t agree more and I believe Chris explains identity, Israel, grafting and betrothal to a Jewish Messiah in a profound and perfect way.

“I am not one of the treasured DNA Hebrew descendants of Abraham. But I do have a heart for ISRAEL and for God’s first born of many people. Mine is of Spiritual descent, as I am grafted into and along side the natural olive branches (my DNA Jewish brothers and sisters in Yeshua), to SHARE in the richness of THEIR blessings and THEIR promises as Romans 11: 17-21 clearly states.  For there will be only one bride for Yeshua our Jewish bride groom when he returns. That of Jew and Gentile united as one in Messiah.”  (Chris Chambers)


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