December 22, 2010 – Reason for the Season

Recently, I heard someone say the following regarding a believer who tells others that they don’t celebrate Christmas:

“If you tell people that you do not celebrate Christmas, they are going to automatically think you don’t believe in Jesus (Yeshua).”

Is this a logical statement?  Does this mean that if I tell people “Merry Christmas” or that I celebrate Christmas that I DO believe in Jesus?  I know far too many people who celebrate Christmas and have no connection to Jesus in any manner whatsoever.

Why is it that those who do know Him are doing the same things as those who don’t know Him?  This has always confounded me.  Aren’t those who have been saved by Jesus and called to follow Him to be different than those around them?

Then there is the proverbial –  “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and we must put “Christ back into Christmas.”

My questions are, “What if Jesus never was the reason for the season?” and “What if Christ doesn’t really belong in Christmas?”  Then, what?

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