Yahweh and Yeshua in Hebrew Word Pictures

Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is a word picture.  When word pictures are put together, unique meanings to words appear.   Here are the word pictures for the name of God – yod hey vav hey and Yeshua – yod shin vav ayin.


The name of God – yod hey vav hey or YHVH (Exodus 3:14)

The yod י is a picture of a  closed hand and symbolizes a  ‘finished work’.  The hey ה looks like a window and signifies  ‘behold’ or ‘look to’.   The vav ו  is a picture of nails and suggests ‘binding’.   The word pictures of YHVH would mean –

Look to the finished work of the binding (nails), Behold.

or more literally –

Behold the hands, behold the nails.


Then name of Yeshua  – yod, shin, vav, ayin or the Hebrew word, salvation.

The yod י once again is a closed hand and symbolizes a finished work.  The shin ש picture is a tooth and means to cut or destroy.  The vav ו again pictures a nail and means ‘to bind’.   The ayin ע means eye and means ‘to see’ as in understanding.

The finished work of the cutting and binding of the nails is seen.

or more literally, salvation is –

See and understand the nail cut hands.

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